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South West YMCA Trust Fund 

Things here continue to roll along, I have managed to get us through the immediate problems we were facing and I am hoping that we will soon be able to start planning seriously for the future.  One of the areas of work that has grown tremendously is the Jungle Club after school provision. We now have an average of 130 children attending each week, much of the credit for this can be laid at Ken’s feet and I have no doubt that the funding we received from the SWTF towards his training played a part too.

With all that in mind, I am wondering if I could apply for a grant of emergency funding to repair our two mini buses. Without them the Jungle Club cannot operate and they have both recently had problems which have required fixing, but the long term prognosis requires some cash input to get them back into a healthy state. Both have had MOT’s recently and advisory notes of repairs that need doing are mounting up.  As you will appreciate I would much rather get them repaired before they break down and cause us to lose business.

I do have one of the SWTF forms but it states that it is for training, I am presuming there is a different one I need for Emergency Funding?

Look forward to hearing from you

Maria Goodwin

CEO South Devon YMCA

Hi David,

Just a quick email to say that we have received the cheque today, thank you once again for the Trustees support.

Best wishes

Maria Goodwin

CEO - YMCA South Devon