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South West YMCA Trust Fund 

Results from Grant received for £500.

The grant for £500 has made a significant impact on our nursery garden and our children’s learning. We have been able to purchase a table and chairs, which are versatile in that they can be added to different role play scenarios, as well as providing an area where children can socialise and improve their speech. The little wooden oven and wooden utensils we were also able to purchase appeal to the children and at the moment we have a café set up. As you can see it’s a busy area with all ages of children socialising together and also the perfect height for all children to access. The table is very versatile as we can change its use to a writing station as it is also a chalk board surface.

We have been able to respond better to the children’s needs as they currently want a place in which they can make lots of noise and we were able to set up a “rave tent”. The drums we were able to purchase were a big hit and an enjoyable addition with plenty of marching to the beat and exploring sound.

Our reluctant writers have taken the plunge and become writers thanks to a purchase of these wipe boards. They fit over tyres which encourages the children to pick and draw flowers and also use the table tops for worm examination as we are

able to move the tyres into different areas. We have found that the new resources have increased children’s creativity. They use the resources in ways we hadn’t thought about.

We were also able to purchase these number stepping stones, again they have been used very creatively. Children can rearrange them, we can hide one and they have to work out which one is missing, they can stack them up improving hand eye co-ordination and arrange them into different shapes and patterns. As well as work out how many they need to reach a certain access point. They love them.Click here to edit text

The great thing about all of the new resources is that the children are more engaged with outdoor learning and the resources are made from natural materials so they appeal to the children. The resources have stimulated talk, investigation, socialisation and most importantly learning. We still have a few resources ready for the warmer summer months that the children haven’t yet explored, including a picnic bench and some role play collecting trugs, but we know that they are going to love them! Thank you for the support this grant has given the children of Bath YMCA