Supporting the spiritual growth and well being of young people in the South West  

South West YMCA Trust Fund 

Welcome to the South West YMCA Trust fund website 

(Charity No 801715)

Our Vision

The Trustees recognise the important work undertaken by YMCAs in the South West Area of England. The Trust Fund, with its limited resources, seeks to work in support of local YMCAs, their members and participants and help them, where possible with their operations in the modern world today. The sharing of resources allows the YMCA to develop much more quickly in support of  local communities. It allows local Associations opportunities to experiment and take on new ideas corporately in their support of young people.


In addition to assisting those in need, the Trustees feel that the Trust Fund exemplifies the concept of oneness to which the YMCA prides itself in working towards. There will be times when the strong are able to help the weak and it is hoped that the Trust Fund is seen as a means of making this happen.  The Fund belongs to all those in the South West YMCA family.

  • In order to achieve our objectives the Trust Fund needs the support of anyone and everyone, this can be achieved in the following ways:
  • Associations in the South West of England are encouraged to make donations to the Fund
  • Associations in the South West of England or other groups may consider organising a special fund raising event or activity in support of the work of the South West YMCA Trust Fund
  • Encouraging any and all individuals who wish to offer financial support to the fund's growth in the cause of helping and assisting all young people, whatever their vulnerability, to please, donate to the Fund.

What are the criteria on which grants are awarded?

The criteria which was revised in 2006, 2015 and again in 2018 with amendments made to the Trust Deed are as follows:-

  • For the development of a sense of belonging, to the YMCA Movement and a better understanding of the YMCA and the voluntary membership principle.
  • For training and education which have a Christian and spiritual purpose for young people between the ages of 9 – 25 years.
  • For assistance in the training and development of both staff and those who have responsibility for the governance of a local YMCA.
  • For the development of new YMCA work and collaborative work among local YMCAs.
  • For the assistance towards the fulfilling of those policy objectives set by the Associations within the South West Area and for special emergency requests.

Final comment.

In addition to assisting those YMCAs in need of financial help, the Trustees share that the South West YMCA Trust Fund works to give support to the South West area of England